Starting Your Project

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Centering yourself is really vital for your passion. Write down a few things that you’re grateful for. Being able to visually see these words can help.

On a piece of paper, create a columned list to describe an item and the price. This will be your running total for a specific project. Anything and everything you’ve bought or will buy for this project should be included in this.

If you’ve bought an item in bulk and you’re using only one in your project, make sure you’ve divided the price into the correct amount for this specific project.

Always include a column of overhead. Overhead is an amount that may not fit into any other category or is often overlooked. For example, the gas it costs to go to the post office to ship items.

My opportunity for you is that this blog provides ideas, tools, and services to enhance the creative aspect in your personal life.

I was born an American, a Pisces. I studied entrepreneurship in college and live a project-oriented lifestyle.

There is a way to turn your craft into a beautifully functioning business. At times it may be difficult to believe in the success of your idea but once you take the first turn, the next turns will become easier.

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